Video: The Cheap Truck Challenge Gets Real: Ford, Chevy, and Dodge Take On Hell’s Revenge! Ep.3

One this episode of ‘No Payment Needed – To Hell and Back’ we show off our built-up trucks and modified trucks, drive to Moab Utah from Colorado and do an MPG test, and take on the beginning of the Hell’s Revenge trail. The trip from Boulder, CO to Moab, UT is about 350 miles. Which trucks make the mountain trip one fuel tank? How do they compare on MPG? Will any of us run out of fuel before we get there. Which truck will do best off-road?

We got all the parts and tires for our trucks from

Next week, we finish up the series with more off-roading in Moab, driving home, and battling each other at our friend David’s “Happy Yak Ranch”. Stay tuned for this – Episode 4 is coming on June 6th.

Join the video below to see which truck gets the best fuel economy, and how they perform off-road in Moab, UT.