The Truth Revealed – Are Old Trucks Better Than New? Mr.Truck With 60 Years Of Knowledge Tells ALL!

Image: Ford F-100 TFLtruck

In this video, Tommy discusses Old vs New trucks with Mr. Truck, who is happy to impart his wisdom on those with the capacity to listen.

Mr. Truck gets behind the wheel of Tommy’s 1965 Ford F-100 to discuss the pros and cons of old trucks, and how they compare to modern trucks. Mr. Truck “Kent” is extraordinarily knowledgeable about trucks. Unlike many youngins who rely heavily on the internet, he has practical, real-world experience. Kent has driven everything from farm vehicles to big-rigs – and just about everything in-between.

Tommy acquired his 1965 Ford F-100 several months back and has a melted credit card given the lengthy upgrades and repairs needed. While this old truck requires a ton of love, it still has managed to survive for 56 years. In that time, it has undergone several changes, including a majority of its undercarriage. We’re pretty sure that the body began life as a U.S. Forrest Service vehicle, and it may have seen service as a line support vehicle. Eventually, it became a farm truck before finding its way into the parking lot of TFL Studios.

Are old trucks better, Mr. Truck?

One thing many owners of older trucks often tell us is that as long as they are not rusted out – they can live long lives. Several farmers, ranchers, fleet owners, and junkers (among others) still use old trucks like this F-100. When the engine dies, they often replace them with whatever is available. Often, these old trucks live many lives, before they outlive their usefulness.

Modern trucks are not as easy to prolong.

In this video, we get to pick Mr. Truck’s brain about this and other old trucks from a bygone era. He has a lot to say, and for those who may be a bit impatient – it’s worth your time to hear him out. Check out this video and let us know what you think!

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