Video: The 1965 Ford F100 Is A Total Dumpster Fire…Here’s What’s Broken!

Yeah, it's a bit of a mess.

(Photos: TFLtruck)

Tommy’s 1965 Ford F100 is, what he calls “a total dumpster fire,” and that is no exaggeration.

Tommy took his 1965 Ford F100 to our mechanic friend Toby at his garage German Auto in Boulder, Colorado for a look-see. Yes, he specializes in German vehicles, but he loves old trucks. So, Tommy was in luck… or was he?

The news wasn’t good.

You see, we knew from the very beginning that this 1965 Ford F100 was a bit rough around the edges. That said, we needed a professional to tell us exactly what’s wrong. Starting from the top to bottom, we’ll have to rebuild or replace a huge percentage of the truck.

Simple things like new gaskets, hoses and wiring were expected. Even the prospects of rebuilding the carburetor were not totally unexpected. Even the components that were held on by spit, bailing wire and bungee cord were not completely unexpected.

Unfortunately, there was a lot more. Everything from the transfer case, brakes and rotting components throughout were scrutinized. As a matter of fact, we had a hard time finding something that was in good shape in this truck. Tommy began to get lightheaded as Toby methodically went throughout the truck.

At some point in this video, you can actually see the gears in Tommy’s head turn (and smoke) as he thinks about future repairs and alternatives. One option we could explore is totally restoring this truck from the ground up. We could also look at a restore-mod solution, which might mean a different powertrain as well. Those types of options can be explored after we get this truck safely running.

The news kept getting worse, and in this video you’ll see just how far down this rabbit hole Tommy is about to fall. That’s okay with us, it makes for fun video – right?

Nathan Adlen
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