Video: An Old Army 6X6 Truck Saves A Beached Luxury Motorhome In Utah!

That's a lot of pulling power!

Images and vide via: Casey’s Off Road Recovery
This old Army 6×6 is a beast and we have the video to prove it. Never underestimate the power of low gearing and six-wheels pulling.

Things happen: but at least being saved by an awesome old Army 6×6 isn’t a bad thing. Especially because there’s a video shot by Casey’s Off Road Recovery. The event happened at Sand Hollow State Park located in Hurricane, Utah. Many of the visitors were there for the 2020 Trail Hero event. A 4×4 trail and golf event in its fifth year. You can read about it (here).

This is NOT an ideal location for a massive RV with only one axle providing traction. The sand is very soft in areas, making even basic maneuvers with non 4×4 RVs difficult. This beached vehicle appears to be a 2020/2021 Tiffin Motorhome’s Allegro Bus 45OPP – MSRP $531,383. We reviewed a similarly designed $2.5 million Prevost motorhome a few months ago. You can see that video (here). Like the Prevost, we expect the Allegro to weigh about 50,000-lbs.

The Kaiser M-813 6×6

The old Army 6×6 is a (M809 series) 1970 Kaiser M-813 5-ton military truck. It has a 240 horsepower Cummins NH250 and a Dana-Spicer 5-speed (model 6453) synchromesh manual transmission . It produces a massive 685 lb-ft of torque. An interesting side note: the Rockwell-Standard 2-speed transfer case will automatically engage the front axle if the rear wheels spin. The M809 series had many uses for the platform including ambulances, dump trucks, wreckers, logging trucks and – of course, troop transports.

No doubt about it: this behemoth is completely stuck. The front axles are buried in soft sand, and center section of the frame is planted as well. Normally, it would take a herculean effort to disentangle the beast – but ingenuity, effort and torque save the day.

A quick note from folks who have been stuck before: if the sign says “ORV” or, 4×4 recommended – you should listen.

Check out this video provided to us by our friends at Casey’s Off Road Recovery.

Oh wait – there is more! The team was also called in to recovery a mega-luxury Prevost Motorhome than can weigh as much as 55,000 lbs. Here the next video.

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