2021 Prevost Emerald RV: Let’s Tour the Most Luxurious and Expensive Motor Home on the Road! (Video)

This is 1 of 12 Emerald buses made per year.

2021 prevost emerald motor coach rv luxury
2021 Prevost Emerald RV (at Transwest.com)

Let’s take a tour of the most luxurious and expensive motor home of them all. This is a 2021 Prevost H3-45 bus conversion by Emerald Luxury Coaches. What makes this ultimate RV stand out from the rest? The devil is in the details.

Big thanks to Transwest Truck Trailer RV for the opportunity to tour and drive this very special motor coach.

2021 Prevost Emerald RV

This luxurious mansion on wheels is build on a 45-foot long Prevost bus platform. Prevost builds its buses with an underlying stainless steel fuselage or cage construction. It is not simply a straight frame chassis with an RV body bolted on top of it. Once the bus chassis is completed, it goes to Texas and Emerald Luxury Coaches for a complete outfit.

This motor coach is powered by a Volvo D13 turbo-diesel straight-six engine that produces 500 horsepower and about 1,700 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed heavy duty Alison transmission. The bus is riding on a height-adjustable air suspension. The front steer axle has a 55-degree cut angle and the rear “tag” axle can be lifted to allow for relatively tight turning maneuvers.

If you want to tow something behind the bus, the rear standard hitch is rated at 20,000 lbs of trailer capacity.

2021 prevost emerald rv interior

Once on the inside, the quality and the attention to details become immediately apparent. The entire bus feel very solid. It does not rock from side to side with several people walking through it. This particular model has two slide-outs on the driver side. The interior is already very spacious because of this. If you want even more space, you can order a bus with quad slide-outs, extending on both sides of the RV.

This Emerald bus has its own tablet that allows control of lights, power shades, slide-outs, TVs, and more. What other secrets lie within? Watch the video below as I take a detailed tour of this luxury machine.