TFL EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What’s Under The 2021 Ford Raptor’s Hood — Not One, But TWO Engines!

Unofficial reports suggest that the Raptor will have two engine options, a hybrid and a V8.

2021 Ford Raptor prototype

If you have ever seen the Jurassic Park movie, you know the only way to beat a T-Rex is with multiple Raptors. Ford may be thinking along the same line, because shortly after the release of the 2021 Ram TRX. We received word from an anonymous source that Ford will offer two flavors of the next generation 2021 Raptor. This information is still unofficial.

2021 Ford Raptor

The first is reportedly a higher output version of the hybrid F-150 powertrain. Although there are no official reports yet, the hybrid system could be similar to that of the new Lincoln Aviator SUV. The Lincoln plug-in power train is rated at 494 horsepower and 630 lb-ft of torque. If the Raptor is using a similar setup, the power output is likely to be different.

There are still many unanswered questions about the hybrid powertrain. However, there is another Special Edition of the Raptor that has been anticipated ever since rumors of the TRX surfaced.

The second engine option will reportedly be a limited edition, supercharged 5.2L V8 with up to 725 horsepower. This engine comes directly from the GT500 Shelby Mustang, albeit in a different tune. The Mustang GT500 power plant competes with FCA’s Hellcat Dodge Challenger models. It only makes sense that a similar engine would fight FCA’s TRX as well.

Spy shots of the new Raptor show concealed rear suspension which also suggest a move away from the previous truck’s live rear axle in favor of a coil spring rear suspension (possibly a 5-link setup).

If you can’t wait for more details on the new Raptor, check out the video linked below.