This Small Budget Camper Delivers Big for Couples! TFL Camper Corner (Video)

2021 catalina tfl camper corner couples trailer

If you wanted to go utterly berserk on a camper trailer or needed something to accommodate your family, there are plenty of options out there on the market. Many campers are designed with families in mind, but not all of them. In this TFLtruck video, Stephen looks at one of the trailers that’s an option for couples looking to get away without blowing the budget: the Coachmen Catalina Summit Series.

Coming in at just over 20 feet of total length, this travel trailer rings in at just under 4,500 pounds, and current comes in six different floor plans. Specifically, the trailer in the video above is the 174RB, though there are more family-friendly layouts available like the 184DBK. For the price, you also get some neat features like a 13 to 15-foot awning and a set of exterior speakers, as well as a thoughtful use of the available interior space. However, things like the power awning and speakers are available as part of a larger package.

The Coachmen Catalina Summit also does have most comfort features a couple may need. Things like a small sink, two burners (though no oven), a microwave, refrigerator/freezer combo and a fair amount of storage help make the trailer a more appealing option for the occasional camping trip. The type of siding this trailer uses is more endemic of a less expensive design, but a 13,500 BTU air conditioner is available as part of the Summit Peak package.

Pricing for this Coachmen Catalina Summit Series, on sale at Gimme Shelter Ltd. in Mono, Ontario is $18,900 CAD (or $14,000 USD).