Old vs New: Here’s why I ditched my GMC and Bought Another Ram! (Video)

Owner's looks at 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2016 Ram HD.

1996 ram dodge 2016 1500 2500 hemi magnum

Old vs New: Ram vs Dodge Ram?

Brad from Boise, Idaho gave us a fantastic (and unexpected) video. It’s mostly old vs new. The title states that he ditched his GMC and bought another Ram. That’s right, he went back to Ram after GMC ownership. While this isn’t unheard of, we rarely get videos like this.

This is a two part video that’s very unique for a “Dude, I Love My Ride at Home Edition” video. This video is partly new vs. old, which is rare for this video series. There’s also a brief mention about Brad ditching (trading) his 2010 GMC and went back to Ram. Interesting stuff.

Brad’s first Ram (which he bought back from his brother in-law) is a 1997 Ram 1500. This was his very first truck, one that he drove in high-school. He later sold it to a family member, only to purchase it back two years later.

A few highlights about Brad’s 1997 Ram 1500:

  • This is a single cab, long-bed pickup with a tow package.
  • It is a base model with manual door locks and windows.
  • Brad loves having a five-speed manual transmission.
  • It has the still has the venerable 5.2-liter (318 cid) V8 it originally came with. It has over 205,000 miles.
  • He wants to restore it back to new condition.

The 2016 Ram 2500

  • Brad calls this truck his “tow vehicle”
  • It has the 6.4-liter Hemi V8 with four-wheel drive.
  • This 2016 Ram HD is rated to tow up to 13,000 lbs and he drives it almost daily. Sometimes, he’ll drive the ’97 Ram.
  • He loves the utilitarian interior and the work-truck nature of this Ram.
  • Brad added a set of BFG KO2s, which he likes quite a bit.

2010 GMC?

Brad traded his father a 2010 GMC for his pop’s 2016 Ram 2500. So far, he seems pretty happy with the trade. He doesn’t go into detail about what it was about his GMC that he specifically didn’t like.

One thing if for sure in this video – he is fond of his old Ram, big time.

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