What!? This $120,000 Ford Shelby Raptor is Using New 3.0 Active FOX Shocks! (Video)

When a stock $75,000 Ford Raptor is not enough!

2020 ford f150 raptor shelby baja fox racing shocks

New Fox 3.0 Shocks: built for serious abuse!

Fox is one of the popular off-road suspension brands on the market. Many automakers use Fox shocks and other components for their off-road vehicles. The company has a distinguished racing history. All of this boils down to cutting edge tech and a well-deserved reputation.

During the 2019 SEMA show, we have an opportunity to get an in depth tour of their latest offerings. We cover their Fox 2.0 shocks on TFLoffroad.com and this time we cover their Fox 3.0 shocks. While they can be used on a variety of vehicles, we noted their use on the Jeep JT Gladiator and the new Ford Raptor Baja Shelby truck.

The Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass Suspension

Using a three-inch housing and thicker components, the suspension system uses multiple ride-zones internally. While it is adjustable (compression adjuster), the shock itself has a catch-zone at the very end of the stroke to mitigate a hard bottoming out. There is a ride-zone, which is where the vehicle sits at most of the time. Finally, there’s a stiffer section at the most compressed section of the stroke, this eases the feeling of bottoming out.

The Jeep Gladiator that was on display is a SEMA build. As such, it was more for esthetics being that the reservoir is located in the wrong place. According to the FOX spokesperson, it would be located near the front bumper in real applications. The rear shocks on the SEMA model are also Fox 3.0 shocks, but the rear setup is still being developed.

(Photo: RideFox.com)

Fox has an upgrade for the 2019+ Ford Raptor trucks as well. You may recall: Fox already supplies a Fox 3.0 shock for the Raptor. This upgrade gives the suspension a large reservoir with a greater oil capacity and better cooling. The live-valve, which is the computer controlled system that allows for in-cabin suspension adjustment, is still part of the package. It will plug right into the current Ford setup on the Raptor.

It also has the “quick-switch three” adjustment control directly on the shock. This works along with the live-vale system.

There’s a lot more to see in this video – enjoy!

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