Can Volta Electric Delivery Trucks be Safer for Pedestrians?

(Image: Volta Trucks)

Volta EV trucks could save lives.

These CGI photos are of what Volta Trucks’ Concept HGV is expected to look like – if it reaches production. The company is targeting a top speed of 50 mph and a maximum range of 100 miles. They hope to haul up to 39,683 lbs and have a variety of configurations when production begins.

HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) are what we would consider delivery trucks that cover the load spectrum of 10 – 20 tons. These trucks are built for delivery of heavy goods in cities, and usually require short range capability. EV delivery trucks are becoming more common every year.

The EV delivery truck idea is nothing new – with one major exception. Volta Trucks wants to save pedestrians. In London, a significant number of incidents between delivery/load vehicles and pedestrians are documented. This is despite these vehicle making up only four-percent of the road miles in the city.

(Image: Volta Trucks)

Building a safer truck.

To build a safer truck, the driver sits in the center of the vehicle, down low, north of the front axle. This will give the driver a 220-degree street-level view. Volta replaces mirrors with cameras. For better visibility, extra glass added throughout the cabin. The passengers sit behind the driver, just like a Mclaren F1.

Volta ditches the conventional doors for folding bus-style doors on both sides. This will mitigate the amount of space the doors take up on public sidewalks and bike paths.

U.S. deliveries?

Volta Trucks has not commented on U.S. production. We certainly do have a lot of congested cities and a centrally-located driver works in nearly every country. We have other companies building EV and hybrid delivery trucks for the U.S. Volta trucks is hoping to reveal their truck in 2020 with a fleet of prototypes hitting the streets of London and Paris in 2021. They expect to produce 2,000 trucks per year when orders begin.

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