Ram Rebel Rouser Ep. 2: You Won’t Believe How Great Our Mopar-Modified Ram Rebel Sounds!

How does the Rebel look with a host of Mopar parts?

Welcome to the next part of our Ram Rebel Rouser series. We’ve kept our 2019 Ram Rebel stock since purchasing it in October 2018, but the goal here is to see how much we can improve its look and capability. More specifically, we want to see if we can build a truck that’s cooler and possibly even better than the Ford F-150 Raptor. In this video, we cover stage 1 of our project.

What all does stage 1 involve? We plan to use as many Mopar performance parts as we can get our hands on. Mopar actually supplied the parts for this series, and now that they’ve arrived, we’re taking them to Johnson Auto Plaza in Brighton, Colorado to install them.

Stage 1 includes accessories to make the truck louder, more aggressive, and cooler looking. To that end, we have new off-road side steps and a Mopar performance intake and exhaust. But that’s not all — we are also installing LED off-road lights and beadlock off-road wheels.

Fitting the intake and exhaust, in particular, will really help open up the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 Ram brought over into the new Rebel. Ours also has the eTorque mild hybrid system, and we bought our truck without the factory air suspension. Instead, we have good old-fashioned coil springs, which will make future modifications easier.

Ram Rebel Rouser
The finished product! [Photo: TFLtruck]

Parts totals

If you were to buy all the Mopar parts we installed to our 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel, here’s what it would cost:

  • Off-road running boards: $995
  • Cat-back exhaust system: $1,710
  • Cold air intake: $925
  • Beadlock wheels (4): $1,700
  • Ram Bar: $995
  • Off-road lights & mounting brackets: $665
  • Hood decals: $100

And yes, we will be going farther than just the Mopar performance parts catalog. For the next stage, we’re fitting our long-term Ram 1500 Rebel with Teraflex Falcon shocks. Beyond that and the 2-inch leveling kit, we’re also fitting the truck with Toyo Open Country ATII all-terrain tires. For that part of the process, we’ll be heading over to John’s 4×4 in Boulder, Colorado.

Check out the video above for full details of the install. Stay tuned to TFLtruck.com for more episodes of the Ram Rebel Rouser series! If you need to catch up, watch our first episode below: