New Video Series! How Good is a Bone Stock Land Cruiser in the Dirt? TFLPro Ep.1 (Video)

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a storied name in the off-road world, but the Land Cruiser that is still sold today is a far cry from the off-road ready Land Cruisers of years past.

Toyota’s current top of the line factory off-road treatment is the TRD Pro package, offered on 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra. There is no Land Cruiser TRD Pro, which is something we are looking to change.

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Enter the TFL Pro Land Cruiser, a 200-Series LC that we have decided to upgrade with the the TRD Pro package. We will be installing all the upgrades that come along with the TRD Pro vehicles, including a new grille, FOX shocks, a skid plate, a new paint job and even a snokel.

Before we get started on the modifications though, it’s important to establish an off-roading baseline for how this machine handles itself. We took it to some moderate off-road trails, and for the most part, even stock the Land Cruiser handled pretty well. Approach, departure and breakover angles could be better, and will be thanks to the upcoming lift, while a fresh set of tires will really go a long way.

To see exactly how the Land Cruiser performed, don’t miss the video above. And stay tuned to TFLTruck to see the entire TFL Pro build come together.