Atlis MV Electric Truck is Quietly Teased In These Many Images

Have you heard of Atlis Motor Vehicle company that is working on an all-electric pickup truck? You probably already seen a story about this concept here on, but the Atlis company has been quietly teasing their debut prototype for nearly four months via Instagram.

All images you see here are from Atlis Motor Company.

While the Rivian R1T all-electric concept pickup truck recently made news at the 2018 LA Auto Show. The R1T is more of a midsize truck, and it appears that Atlis MV is aiming their truck at the half-ton segment or even heavier.

The Atlis MV truck concept is promising long range (around 400 miles), lots of electric motor power, heavy towing capability (around 35,000 lbs of truck plus trailer GCWR), fast recharge times, and more.

We will have to wait and see how this pans out. Atlis MV says their concept truck will make an official debut in “early 2019”, so it’s coming relatively soon. When can this truck go on sale. Atlis has said they are targeting 2020, but a lot has to happen between now and then. Launching a new automotive company is a humongous task.

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