Can the Ford Expedition Ever Catch the Chevy Tahoe is USA Sales?

2018 ford expedition electric hybrid
2018 Ford Expedition FX4 off-road package

The new Ford Expedition continues to ramp up sales as the new model supply increases, but will it ever be able to catch leader of the segment – Chevy Tahoe? Take a look at this latest sales report for the U.S.A. There are few surprises hiding in the numbers. Hint: check out the Nissan Armada all the way up in third place.

The full-size SUV sales remain very strong in June and the first half of 2018. General Motors has changed the way they report sales. They are doing it quarterly now. The monthly numbers for GM SUVs you see below are the total number for the quarter divided by three to get the monthly average.

The Chevy Tahoe is still in a comfortable lead. GMC Yukon and Yukon XL sales are now reported together, and these two jump to the second place on the chart. The Nissan Armada surprised in June by more than doubling its performance from year ago. The Dodge Durango are still sliding down, but the new Ford Expedition & Expedition Max are gaining. They are just approximately 150 units from taking the third place.

The Expedition still has a long road ahead of it in order to catch or beat the GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe numbers.  At this time, the spread appears to be too wide to cover this year.

Full-size SUV sales – June 2018

Jun 2018 # Jun  2018/2017 YTD 2018 # YTD 2018/2017 %
Chevrolet Tahoe 8,960 month average 50,583 12.3%
GMC Yukon & XL 6,506 month average 34,522 1.1%
Nissan Armada 5,434 129.3% 18,445 30.3%
Dodge Durango 5,344 -14% 32,722 -11%
Ford Expedition 5,285 10.1% 27,934 -10.2%
Chevrolet Suburban 5,045 month average 29,861 19.9%
Toyota Sequoia 885 2.7% 5,441 -12.4%

Here is the new 2018 Ford Expedition on the Ike Gauntlet™ – world’s toughest towing test. If you have not seen the 2018 Gold Hitch Awards yet, you should see this run with a 7,000 lbs trailer.