What is the Most Popular 2017 Ford Raptor and Where Are They Going? Early Production Data

2017 ford raptor baja terrain mode
2017 Ford Raptor

Do you want to know what is the most popular 2017 Ford Raptor configuration, and which dealerships/states are these new trucks allocated to? The new Raptors are starting to arrive at dealerships this week. TFLtruck received an early production data overview report from a reliable anonymous source.

This production data report was generated in early December and states that a total of 4,703 Raptors have been assigned VINs and are allocated to dealerships and countries around the world. 3,468 Raptors are destined for the United States, and the rest are going to other countries.

# Raptors
USA 3,468
Canada 169
Mexico 166
other… 900

Here are the Top 10 USA allocations by state:

% of USA Raptors
Texas 16.64%
California 9.05%
Florida 5.28%
Michigan 3.86%
Georgia 3.72%
Pennsylvania 3.34%
Arizona 3.20%
Ohio 3.06%
New York 3.03%
Virginia 2.48%

Enough about where the new Raptors are being sold. How about their configurations? There are several pieces of data available, and one of them is exterior color. Here is how the color breaks down.

Exterior Color % of USA Raptors
Shadow Black 28.89%
Avalanche 21.08%
Lightning Blue 15.31%
Oxford White 14.99%
Magnetic 8.22%
Ruby Red 6.31%
Ingot Silver 4.76%

What about Raptor pricing and options? Majority of the Raptor customers are optioning up their trucks with the 802A for $9,345 (91% of all Raptors so far) and the Technology Package for $1,950. Naturally, most of the trucks are crew cabs. In fact, the report states that 93% of Raptors built so far are Super Crews.

Out of the 3,468 Raptors in the report, five trucks are listed at the base price of $49,520. On the other end of the spectrum, 255 trucks are priced between $70,000 and $72,120. The average transaction price across of USA-bound Raptors is $66,148. Yep, most of these trucks are getting highly optioned.

% of USA Raptors
Super Crew 93%
Super Cab (Ext. Cab) 7%


802A Package ($9,345) # Raptors
Yes 91%
No 9%

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