Want to see a Military 6×6 Truck Crush an Old Buick? We Thought So [video]

6x6 crushes Buick

TFLtruck’s managing editor, Andre Smirnov, recently had the opportunity to check out Plan B Supply in Ogden, UT, a company that converts old military vehicles like Humvees and 6×6 M924-series trucks to civilian survival vehicles. The results of the trip include a series of videos – some of which are still being edited – including one in which Andre almost drowned a Hummer.

As a special surprise, Dan Coleman, owner of Plan B Supply had an old family heirloom – his sister’s Buick, to be exact – that he was willing to crush because he was tired of fixing it for her.

The truck in the video started its life as a military 6×6 with a single cab configuration that was used as a recovery vehicle. To appeal to the doomsday preparedness community, Plan B Supply increased the cab height by about eight inches and extended the cab to include three rows of seating for up to ten people.

The engine is an 8.3L inline-6 Cummins turbo diesel that is rated at 240 hp and 745 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired to a 5-speed Alison automatic transmission. A raw military 6×6 chassis in good condition can be had for between $18k-$20k. Plan B Supply is able to get trucks in better condition because they buy in bulk directly from the Department of Defense. A truck in worse condition can be had for less than that at one of the surplus auctions. The one seen in the video below retails for around $70k once all of the conversions, modifications, and upgrades are finished. That’s pretty reasonable considering it looks awesome, can haul five tons, seat ten, tow around 15,000 lbs, and get your family out of a sticky situation, albeit slowly. It’s maximum highway speed is about 63 MPH.

Check out the video below to see what you could do if you were to get yourself a 6×6 like this (junker vehicle for crushing not included).

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