Move Over EarthRoamer – There is a New Overland 6×6 King in Town (Video)

This 6x6 house is worth around $750,000!

man semi truck 6x6 earth roamer overland

The 6×6 MAN TGA Overlander featured in this video is a marvel of rugged capability and overall awesomeness. I mean, it’s got three locking differentials, 32-forward gears, 4-reverse gears and a torque-monster for a power plant. It’s a overlanding beast.

Owner Andreas Bruckner ( was kind enough to take our boss, Roman Mica, on a tour of his Earthroamer-crushing vehicle. The separate locking axles. Built for heavy duty applications, even though it was converted for use as a family (of five) Recreational Vehicle. It has a 26 ton capacity. 480 horsepower engine that’s been “slightly” adjusted to over 500 hp. Oh, and it puts out 2.100 newton meters which comes out to about 1,549 lb-ft of torque.

There is a unique tire inflation system that can air up and down all six tires at once. It’s not a hub-based unit like the ones used in HUMVEEs. It The vehicle has to be stationary and each tire’s valve has to be accessible by an air-line. Fortunately, all six tires can air up and down at the same time, rapidly.

The business Bruckner is actually in is building the box that goes on the back of the MAN TGA. builds a variety of composite RV boxes for a variety of vehicles. They have boxes that can be used for caro or converted into a home that can withstand the rigors of overlanding.

In this video, we get an in depth tour of what could be one of the most capable overlanding vehicles we’ve seen.

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