Video: The New Acela Straya 4×4 Is an Isuzu Overland Rig With a Few Surprises!

2023 acela straya 4x4 military expedition overland truck rig vehicle

The new 2023 Acela Straya is an Isuzu NRR medium-duty truck with military-grade 4×4 components. Acela is known for building high-quality refurbished military trucks – they call them Monterra trucks. This one is a whole different animal. The Straya 4×4 is based on a brand-new Isuzu chassis, but many components are unique to it. Here are all the details.

Acela Straya 4×4

This is a class 5 truck with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of 19,500 lbs. This chassis weighs approximately 8,750 lbs with fuel, which means it has around 10,970 lbs of maximum payload. This is a whole new “5-ton” off-road truck. If the curb weight sounds low, it’s partially because this beast is powered by a gasoline V8 engine (not a diesel). There is a Chevrolet 6.0L Vortec V8 engine hiding underneath. It’s rated at 311 hp and 353 lb-ft of torque. The V8 is mated to an Allison LCT 1000 6-speed automatic transmission. This should make for a very reliable and strong powertrain. The standard fuel tank holds 38.6 gallons. Acela does not specify driving range estimates for this truck because it will depend on its final weight and configuration.

The truck gets a suspension lift military-grade Meritor Protec 3000 series beam axles. These axles are also used on U.S. Army’s JLTV trucks. Heavy-duty wheels with optional CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) are wrapped in 41-inch MPT tires. The CTIS can vary the tire pressures between 95 PSI and 17 PSI.

All this results in some impressive off-road specs. The Straya has 19.6 inches of ground clearance (at the transfer case) and 14.4 inches at the axle differential. The truck offers between 20 – 36 inches of water fording capability (depending on optional equipment), 39 degrees of approach, 48 degrees of departure angle.

Check out all of the details in the video below.

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