2021 Dodge Durango Is Rated To Tow More Than the Tahoe & Others – Big SUV Towing Guide

Here are all the specs you care about.

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The updated 2021 Dodge Durango has a new ‘Tow n Go’ package that enable several of the models to reach a maximum trailer towing rating of 8,700 lbs. This is more than most competitors, such as the 2021 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Nissan Armada, and Toyota Sequoia. Here is the entire SUV towing guide for 2021.

If you are looking to buy a big full-size SUV, chances are you also need to tow a trailer. These behemoths can carry eight people in comfort, but they are also based on truck platforms (with the exception of the Durango!) Thus, they are also able to tow a heavy trailer. Although, none of these new SUVs are considered “heavy duty”, or based on an HD truck chassis.

Max Towing (lbs)
5. 2020 Toyota Sequoia7,400 lbs
4. 2021 Chevy Tahoe8,400 lbs
3. 2020 Nissan Armada8,500 lbs
2. 2021 Dodge Durango8,700 lbs
1. 2020 Ford Expedition9,300 lbs

We have towed a heavy trailers with each one of these big SUVs. It’s interesting that the Durango is based on a unibody chassis that is also shared with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. You may think this would yield a much lower towing capacity. However, even the high performance SRT and Hellcat versions of the Durango are rated highly at 8,700 lbs of maximum towing capacity.

When looking at these SUV, please remember that 4×4 version have a slightly lower rating than the 2WD numbers listed above. Also, please pay close attention to the SUV’s payload capacity. Fully optioned luxurious models have a lower payload rating. The long-wheelbase versions of these SUVs, such as the Chevy Suburban or the Ford Expedition Max are also rated to tow less than their shorter cousins.

The SUV that comes out on top (when you equip it properly with the 3.73 rear differential and a maximum towing package) is the Ford Expedition. The twin-turbo V6 offers plenty of grunt. The chassis is relatively stable, and the 10-speed automatic transmission has been improving on its downhill grade shifting capability.

We put the Dodge Durango SRT on the Ike Gauntlet – world’s toughest towing test, and it impressed. Watch the full video below.