Most Capable Off-Road Truck? -This Military Acela 6×6 Rescue Truck Is Ready To Help! Off-Road Review (Video)

Is this the most off-road capable quick response truck out there?

2020 acela montera 4wd 6x6 high water rescue truck
Acela Monterra 6×6 – high water rescue truck

When disaster strikes, the new Acela Monterra 6×6 High Water Rescue truck is ready to help.

Acela Trucks 6×6

The Acela Monterra 4×4 and 6×6 trucks start life as military surplus Stewart & Stevenson truck chassis. Next, Acela Truck company (based in Belgrade, Montana) goes to work on a complete vehicle reconditioning and reset process. They go through the entire truck. They rebuild the engine and transmission, and use over 600 brand new parts to produce a commercial-grade truck. Although, these military 4×4 and 6×6 trucks are decommissioned, replacement parts are still being manufactured to support the existing fleet of these trucks.

General Truck Body

Next, the Acela 6×6 chassis trucks arrive at General Truck Body in Houston, Texas. These guys specialize is building specialty vehicles of all sizes. They build large mobile hospital trucks, oil & gas operations command center vehicles, fire trucks, and these 6×6 High Water Rescue trucks among others.

The High Water Rescue truck has a capability of crossing 50 inches of standing water. This is basically the height to the bottom of the cab. These trucks use 46-inch tall off-road tires that can be aired down or up while on the move using the integrated Center Tire Inflation System (CTIS). The Acela 6×6 trucks are re-geared for higher highway speeds of up to 74 MPH. Acela installs higher differential gear ratios to achieve this. In the end, this becomes a rapid response rescue vehicle that can move fast on the highway, but also has a crazy amount of off-road and high water capability.

The Caterpillar turbo-diesel engine produces plenty of power and torque, and the 7-speed extra heavy duty Allison automatic transmission sends the power down the line. Normally, 70% of the power is sent to rear two axles and 30% to the front. However, a simple push of the mode button distributes the power 50/50 front and rear.

The cab interior accommodates three people comfortably, and Acela adds insulation, a digital gauge cluster, air conditioning/heater system, cup holders, and many more creature comforts that also include optional power windows, power mirrors, and more upscale seat and steering wheel materials.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the High Water Rescue truck is the extended rear platform with a 3,000 lbs capacity powered lift-gate. This is an addition that is designed and installed by the guys at General Truck Body. This platform allows easy access for rescue workers and/or injured people. You don’t have to climb the stairs up to the truck to get out of harm’s way, although you could if the situation required it.

This just scratching the surface of all the features and capability of this mighty big truck. It is a large and heavy vehicle with an air brake system, but it’s relatively easy to drive and the air seats are mighty comfortable. As long as you get used to the fact that you are sitting on top of the front steering axle, you can drive this truck with similar ease to a big heavy duty pickup truck.

Here is the full video!