Announcing the TFLtruck Discussion Forum [Site News]

The new TFLtruck forum

The TFLtruck community is a vibrant one, with many great discussions taking place in the comments of all our articles. To make it better for TFLtruck readers to communicate with each other, the staff at TFL are pleased to announce an all-new discussion forum.

Now it’s even easier to talk about all trucks, all the time. The forum, which can be found at or on the top navigation menu is now the place to go to discuss everything and anything about the truck world. Want to talk about the trucks that were subjected to the Ike Gaunlet or the Gold Mine Hill? Talk about the Golden Hitch Awards or the highway MPG tests? Head on over to the discussion forum and register for an account.

An additional bonus is the ability to watch new TFLtruck videos several days before they go live on our youtube channel.

Registration is easy. Just click the “Register” button at the top right of the forum and follow the simple instructions. An email will be sent to the email address you used to register for the forum, and once you click the link and change your password, you can log in and start interacting with other TFLtruck enthusiasts.

All TFLtruck posts will be automatically added to the forum and a link to the forum post will be added to the bottom of the post. You can still make comments to the post, but you can also head over to the forum and start the conversation there. All of the TFLtruck writers and hosts will be there to answer questions and be part of the community.

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