News: 2023 GMC Hummer EV 3X Specs Are Announced – It Tows More & Goes Further on a Charge

We still don't know one very important thing!

2023 gmc hummer ev 3x pickup truck towing rating range driving
(GMC Hummer EV 3X – NOT in factory color.)

GMC announces more specifications for the upcoming 2023 GMC Hummer EV 3X pickup truck and SUV. We know everything about the Edition 1 versions of the Hummer EV truck and SUV. Edition 1 vehicles are the most optioned first models that the GMC Hummer brand is starting with. The 3X is the next trim level that GMC will offer. Here are the latest details.

2023 GMC Hummer EV 3X

The 3X trim of the Hummer truck comes with the same powertrain as the Edition 1 models. It’s a three-motor setup with up to 1,000 horsepower. The truck has electric motors in the rear and one in the front. The 3X will come standard with 22-inch wheels and all-terrain tires. However, this wheel-and-tire package is meant more for pavement driving, not ultimate off-road capability. This standard tire package also increases the tow rating and driving range for the 3X truck. The Hummer EV 3X truck will be able to tow up to 8,500 lbs (it’s 1,000 lbs more than the Edition 1). The maximum driving range increases from 329 miles to 355 miles. Once again this range increase is mainly due to the different tires.

The “Extreme Off-road” package with more off-road capable 35-inch tires will still be offered with the 3X trim. We still do not know one very important piece of information about the 3X trim. We do not the price.

We saw the new Hummer EV 3X pickup truck in person at the 2023 Chicago Auto Show. Here are our first impressions.