2024 Ford E-Transit Gets Welcome Battery and Charging Speed Upgrades

The U.S. Transit's been around for 10 years, and Ford marks the occasion by improving the electric model

(Images: Ford)

The updated 2024 Ford E-Transit will arrive later this year.

Since 2014, American workers have been building the current-generation Ford Transit at the Kansas City Assembly plant in Claycomo, Missouri. Now, a decade and 1.2 million vans later, the Blue Oval is marking the occasion by incorporating some welcome updates into the electric version of its best-selling commercial van.

Specifically, the 2024 Ford Transit gets a larger battery pack and better charging capability. The new 89-kWh usable capacity module replaces the current van’s 68-kWh unit, which pads out driving range by a decent margin. For the low-roof cargo van, the higher-capacity pack now means drivers should expect up to 159 miles on a charge, up 26% than the 126 miles Ford pegs the current van at. (All numbers are Ford’s own estimates, per its official statement Tuesday.)

If you opt for the high-roof E-Transit, Ford says you’ll see an even better 32% range improvement. Instead of 108 miles, the 2024 model will instead get 143 miles on a charge. That certainly still doesn’t sound like much for a retail buyer, but Ford Pro’s telematics data for over 2.5 million miles of trips show the E-Transit’s daily usage sits around 74 miles. Still, for last-mile deliveries and local work for which business buy these vans, the higher ranges still work, and should actually provide a bit more breathing room and reduce range anxiety, or allow companies to operate E-Transits in wider service areas.

On the charging front, the 2024 Ford E-Transit also sees a boost. Instead of 115 kW DC fast-charging, the dual onboard chargers allow the transit to charge at a peak of 176 kW. Using an equally capable or higher-rate charging station, Ford says the low-roof E-Transit will be able to add 67 miles of range in 15 minutes (up from just 47 miles of range now). Using an 80-amp Ford Pro Series 2 charging station (replacing the first-generation 48A box) will shorten the 0-100% charging time to 6 hours and 11 minutes — 22% faster than the old battery/station combination could manage.

Pricing for the 2024 E-Transit begins at $51,095 excluding destination fees) and will go on sale in late 2024. The E-Transit may also qualify for both the $7,500 Commercial Clean Vehicle federal tax credit and state incentives, so while the starting price is slightly higher than 2023, the actual purchase price may be lower, depending on which options you choose.

Check out Andre’s impressions on the E-Transit below (keep in mind the range information will change with the updated model, of course):