Video: My Much-Loved Classic Dodge Ram Cummins Left Me Stranded In Frigid Cold & Now I Know Why!

Here is how to prevent this problem in the future.

dodge ram cummins diesel gelling frozen stranded

Here is what happened to Kase and his classic Dodge Ram when temperatures dropped to -16F. This was the coldest couple of days in Colorado in 30 years. This 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 has never experienced temperatures this low, and it got Kase stranded in a grocery store parking lot.

Kase had his engine heater plugged in overnight before he attempted the first “cold start” in the morning. The truck started and idled OK, but the coolant would warm up at all. After some time, Kase jumped in the truck and started driving to work – only to discover that the truck would not accelerate normally. The engine would not provide normal power, and it would periodically cut out. Indeed, the engine was starving for fuel.

Kase added some diesel anti-gel additive to the tank, but it did not help much. The fast-acting anti-gel additive was sold out at the local store. Turns out the fuel filter (that is located under the truck near the fuel tank) was approximately the area where the diesel gelling was occurring.

Kase got the truck back on the road a day or so later. Check out the video below for all the details.