Video: Keep It or Forget It? We Test 6 Crazy & Weird Truck Accessories from Amazon!

Our opinions vary greatly.

Images: TFLtruck

Roman thought it would be a good idea to shop Amazon for accessories for our studio truck “Stubby.” Then he roped in Andre and Nathan to figure out what these accessories are, and what they do.

Ordering aftermarket components for your truck from Amazon has become an American pastime. Sometimes, the items prove to be surprisingly useful, and other times… not so much. Roman felt our studio truck Stubby needed a few upgrades, so he pilfered Amazon and bought several items for the truck.

Just so we’re clear, Stubby is a new 2022 Ram 1500 4×4 – which is one of the least expensive trucks in its class. Roman didn’t need to buy upgrades for the powertrain or suspension. In fact, the truck doesn’t really need anything. He just got bored one night and thought it would be funny to get these things for a video. You see, Roman wants the guys to guess what these things do (so he ditched some of the packagings, in some cases) and guess the price. Once that was established, they had to decide if it was something worth keeping, or not.

The items Roman purchased (without giving too much away) :

  • A seat organizer, made out of duck material.
  • Amazon’s portable door ding minimizer
  • Multiple location cellphone holder
  • A door latch-mounted step
  • “Ram” themed puddle lights
  • Tailgate ladder

The part that seems to amuse the most is seeing how the guys figure out what each product is for. In some cases, the packaging gives it away, but not always. In fact, at one point Andre and Nathan had a hard time figuring out if something was a yoga mat or a soft creeper. On top of all that, they rarely agreed on whether or not the items should be kept.

Yea, this video might just make you laugh.

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