Video: David Just Bought The Strangest Yet Coolest, & Most Unexpected Truck Ever!

There is a theme to this truck collection!

David is posing with Andre on his newest acquisition, and it’s epic! (Image: TFLtruck)

David has been a part of the TFL Studios’ team for a while now, and the whole team gets fired up when he acquires something new!

There are a ton of cool trucks living at David’s “Happy Yak Ranch.” That includes an oldie, but a goodie! He has a 1945 Chevrolet 1 and a 1/2 ton truck, that some of us have driven over the past few years. As Andre shot this video, it became a who’s who among David’s truck collection.

He showed us his 2003 Dodge “Ram” dually with a six-speed manual transmission, he used it recently to drag his son’s belongings all the way to the state of Maine. Aside from being rare for its manual transmission, it’s a two-wheel drive model, which is hard to find in Colorado. One of his (and our favorites) is his 1992 GMC single cab 4×4 equipped with a manual transmission. It’s got a beefy 454-CID V8, and a flatbed out back.

Then there’s the square body crew-cab. This thing is a rare beast to begin with, and it’s a 4×4 with Dana 60 axles to boot. He pulled the old 454 gas V8 and replaced it with a Cummins 12-valve diesel. Next to it, another Dodge Ram heavy-duty truck with a Cummins. The big deal here is that it’s one of his newest trucks, and our friend Dan used it as a trade for David’s other 454 Chevy truck.

After showing off a few additional hits, including his custom caboose trailer, we get to David’s newest additions.

We got to see tractors, a Buick, other GM trucks – and some “non-running” trucks. One of which is going to be a rock crawler, and it’s been in David’s family since the 1970s. It’s a 1972 GMC 1500 Custom, and it’s the truck that took David from high school through marriage and a successful contracting business. He kept it and wants to turn it into something special.

David wanted an NP205 transmission, Dana 60s, and more for his rock crawler project. After looking at a few periodicals, he located a whole truck that would become a donor. He purchased a 1986 Chevrolet (square body) tow truck for $2,500. This one has the SM465 transmission, which David likes, and despite having no engine, it’s remarkably clean.

In this video, he will discuss the possible future with this truck and more!

Nathan Adlen
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