Dude, I Love My Red Caboose Tiny House Camping Trailer! Going Off The Rails

It's being pulled by a 1990 GMC 1-ton with a Cummins diesel.

Red Caboose camping trailer (photo: David Morrow)

We recently profiled a cool old 1990 GMC 3500 1-ton truck with a 5.9-liter Cummins turbo-diesel engine swap. The truck turned out to be a very capable and the engine is strong.

Now, David is putting the truck to a fun real-world test. He is towing a camping trailer over 3,500 miles. He has a red caboose camping trailer that is named “Going off the Rails”. It’s basically a customized “tiny house” trailer that looks as if it literally just came off the rails.

David tells me that he average about 11 MPG after pulling this boxy trailer during this 3,500 mile road trip. The Cummins-powered GMC has “zero issues” over the trip. The trailer itself weighs about 6,000 lbs empty.

I hope to get access to the red caboose trailer soon so that you can see it in detail. In the meantime, take a look at the video featuring the truck.