Video: I Traded My Ram TRX for This Amazingly Cool Classic Truck, and It’s Way More Affordable

Would you work this truck every day?

chevy truck classic ram trx trade

Our buddy Shane owned a 2021 Ram TRX for around two years and 26,000 miles. It’s now time to trade it in for another work vehicle. Shane owns and operates Innovation Installations – a graphics and wrap company. Boy, we are surprised by what Shane traded the TRX for.

It’s a 1952 Chevy truck body that has been built as a patinaed custom pickup that rides on a 1990s Chevy S10 frame. It’s powered by a modern 5.3L V8 that produces somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 horsepower. It has many comforts of a current pickup truck. It has an automatic transmission, power-assisted brakes, and power-assisted steering. It currently does not have air conditioning, but Shane is planning to add it very soon.

Join Shane and Tommy to learn everything this new 1952 Chevy custom pickup truck.

If you are curious about Shane’s 2021 Ram TRX, the most affordable TRX at the time. Take a look at this drag race video.

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