Op/Ed: Ram Revolution EV Will Offer a Range-Extender to Go Further – Not a Plug-in Hybrid

2024 ram 1500 bev ev revolution range extender

Stellantis CEO confirms that the upcoming Ram 1500 EV truck will offer a gasoline-powered range extender in order to go further. Here is the update from Car and Driver.

The statement says “there will also be a version of this pickup offered with a gasoline engine that can recharge the battery.” This statement is still ambiguous enough that it leaves room for interpretation. Will it be a plug-in hybrid where the gasoline engine can also propel the truck, or will it be a strictly electric vehicle with a gasoline power generator?

We will have to wait and see the production Ram REV truck several months from now. I think Ram should focus on the range-extended EV model, and not a plug-in hybrid truck. Either way – this type of truck will be expensive. The range-extended model would be more effective at providing a long driving range without adding too much complexity to this architecture. The truck is based on the STLA Frame electric chassis. This chassis is meant to house a large battery and two electric motors (front and rear). If the truck has a range extender – it can be a small displacement gasoline engine that can hide in one of the truck’s bedsides (aka. Ram Box).

What do you think? Should Ram produces a plug-in hybrid pickup or a fully electric truck with an optional range extender?