Video: What’s Better on a Long Distance Road Trip: An Electric Hummer or a Gas-Hybrid Toyota Truck? Let’s Find Out!

There are some surprises on how much it costs!

2023 toyota sequoia trd pro hummer ev truck road trip comparison review

We take brand-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro gas/hybrid and a GMC Hummer EV truck on a cross-state road trip to figure out which is better, easier to use, and costs less to go long distance. We also want to figure out if the Hummer’s large battery can make it a good road trip vehicle. The Sequoia is a Tundra-based three-row SUV that is all-new. This is our first long trip in a new Sequoia.

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The trip takes us from Boulder, CO to Moab, UT via I-70 interstate highway. This trip is approximately 360 miles long, so the Hummer and likely the Sequoia will not be able to make it on one charge or one fill-up. We are starting with the Hummer EV at 97% of charge, and we top off the Sequoia at our local Sinclair Station.

We fill up again in Grand Junction, CO after about 255 miles. At this point the Hummer EV is at 20% state of charge (it used 77% of charge) and the Sequoia is showing just below half tank.

We plug in the Hummer at the Electrify America station and go for dinner. The Hummer charges for 55 minutes and reaches 80% (gains 60% of battery with 136 kWh delivered by the station). It takes just 3 minutes to refill the Sequoia at the gas station.

Spoiler Alert: Here are the final numbers. Conversions assume 1 gallon of gasoline is equivalent to 33.7 kWh of energy.

Toyota Sequoia TRD ProHummer EV Truck
Energy Used12.357 gallons (or 416.4 kWh)163.8 kWh (or 4.86 gallons)
Energy Cost$40.02$50.77 (energy used * $0.31 per kWh)
Efficiency20.6 MPG (or 0.61 mi/kWh)1.55 mi/kWh (or 52.5 MPG)

Join the video below for all the road trip fun!