Sales Report: The New Toyota Tundra and F-150 Lightning EV Sales Continue to Grow! The August 2022 Numbers Are In

Truck sales continue to improve.

2023 toyota tundra sales ford f-150 lightning

The Tundra and F-150 Lightning sales numbers continue to increase

Take a look at these latest sales numbers. Not every manufacturer is reporting monthly sales numbers, but we have August 2022 from Ford and Toyota. The Ford F-Series overall sales seem to have stabilized at nearly 60,000 trucks per month. What’s more interesting is that 2,373 F-150 Lightning EV trucks found a new owner in August. This is already an impressive number, but it’s nowhere near enough to satisfy all of the Lightning reservations and pre-orders.

The newly redesigned Toyota Tundra appears to have hit its stride with nearly 10,000 Tundra trucks sold in August. This pace would put the new Tundra close to what the previous generation Tundra used to sell. We will have to wait and see if the Tundra can win more market share.

August 2022 Full-size Truck Sales (with month-over-month changes)

ModelAug 2022Aug 2021Change (%)
Ford F-Series58,28357,321+1.7%
– (F-150 Lightning EV)2,3730
Toyota Tundra9,6925,876+64.9%
– GM (COMBINED)— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Chevy Silverado— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Ram— (Q3 sales coming in October)
GMC Sierra— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Nissan Titan— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Rivian R1T EV— (Sales figures not available yet)
GMC Hummer EV— (Sales figures not available yet)

Toyota figures come courtesy of Good Car Bad Car an automotive sales data and statistics site.

If you’re interested in how midsize trucks are faring, stay tuned for a separate report coming to shortly!

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