Owner Review: I Did a Factory 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Lift and 35s, But It Wasn’t Easy

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2022 toyota tundra trd lift

You may remember that Toyota announced and shows an approved 2022+ Toyota Tundra TRD lift kit at last year’s 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. You can watch a video about it below. Now, the lift kit has begun to reach dealerships. TFLtruck viewer – Jason W. – installed it on his 2022 Tundra. I was not easy, but the result is a great-looking truck on 35s. Here is Jason’s story.

Jason W. writes:

I got my 2022 Tundra Limited lifted at the dealership. It’s awesome! It ends up quiet a bit taller than the TRD Pro. One thing that is interesting is the SEMA truck had 35 x 12.50 size tires. Those actually rub like crazy on the front sway bar. I did 35 x 11.50 tires and it still rubs. I will have to do some spacers/adapters to offset the wheels a bit. My dealership has never done this lift before. It took them a long time. I would advise anyone else to make sure the dealership has done a lift kit before or get a firm labor quote ahead of time.

It’s not clear what wheel offset Jason is using that causes the wider tires to rub in the front. The factory-approved lift kit is supposed to be fully tested and includes the camera, radar, and adaptive cruise recalibration for the truck’s new height.

As soon as we learn more about this, we will update this story.