July 2022 Full-Size Sales Report: Ford F-Series Gains More Ground, And So Does the Toyota Tundra

All looks good on the full-size truck front for the two automakers

ford f-150 lightning hybrid
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We have new monthly sales to stew over — at least for Ford and Toyota.

Following up on the first-half sales reported last month, July is a relatively quiet time as we won’t see a full picture of full-size truck sales until October. Unlike GM, Nissan and Ram, however, Ford and Toyota still offer up some monthly numbers.

These two actually offer compelling data points to compare, as we’re dealing with two fresh designs, with the Toyota Tundra gunning to capture greater market share. The Ford F-150, for its part, remains the strongest selling truck by a healthy margin, but just how many folks are giving the revamped Tundra a shot?

Quite a few, actually. The old, aging truck held its own against the likes of the Nissan Titan, but it didn’t hold a candle to any of the Big Three. The picture is rosier one for Toyota this year, though, as dealers shifted 10,694 Tundras in July 2022 alone.

Year-to-date, they’ve managed to sell 55,010 trucks — a figure that puts the automaker on truck to eclipse the 81,959 units for the entire 2021 calendar year. Looking at the bigger picture, Tundra sales are up 9.34% from January through July 2021.

The Ford F-Series, for its part, sold 63,341 examples last month. That includes half-ton trucks as well as 2,173 electric F-150 Lightning trucks. Year-to-date, Ford’s sold 362,686 F-Series trucks, with 4,469 of those being F-150 Lightnings.

Based on these two brands, July was certainly a strong point for truck sales. Unfortunately, we won’t have an industry-wide view of just how strong summer sales are until other automakers release their third-quarter sales data. That should happen around October 3, so we’ll have more to share then.

July 2022 Full-size Truck Sales (with month-over-month changes)

ModelJuly 2022July 2021Change (%)
Ford F-Series**63,34152,314+21.1%
F-150 Lightning EV2,1730
Toyota Tundra10,6946,444+65.95%
– GM (COMBINED)*— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Chevy Silverado— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Ram— (Q3 sales coming in October)
GMC Sierra— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Nissan Titan— (Q3 sales coming in October)
Rivian R1T EV— (Sales figures not available yet)
GMC Hummer EV— (Sales figures not available yet)

Toyota figures come courtesy of Good Car Bad Car an automotive sales data and statistics site.

If you’re interested in how midsize trucks are faring, stay tuned for a separate report coming to TFLtruck.com shortly!

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