Sales: Full-size Pickup Trucks Have a Bad Year in 2021 – GM Trucks Are Still On Top

Ram and Nissan trucks show positive results, the rest are down.

2021 q2 q1 truck sales report results united states

The sales numbers are in and General Motors is still on top of U.S. sales in 2021. When you add the Chevy Silverado to the GMC Sierra sales for the year, GM trucks sold more than the Ford F-Series. Although, the entire full-size pickup truck segment took a significant decline when compared to 2020 and the year prior.

The poor performance in this segment is a sign of microchip and other shortages that hit most automakers very hard in 2021. Although, Ram Trucks shows a good result with a slight sales improvement over 2020 and a very solid third place in overall truck sales. Actually, Ram sold more half-ton and heavy-duty trucks than Chevrolet.

Nissan Titan shows an improved sales result in 2021, but it is still far behind in sales when compared to the Toyota Tundra and the rest.

GMC reports that the company sold and delivered one Hummer EV truck. Indeed, this was a truck that was sold for charity at an auction. The exact Rivian R1T sales figure is not available at this time.

U.S. Full-size truck sales: Full-year 2021

Model2021 sales2020 salesChange (%)
GM Trucks (COMBINED)*768,698839,691-8.4%
Ford F-Series726,004787,422-7.8%
Ram Trucks569,388563,676+1%
– Chevrolet Silverado519,774586,675-11.4%
– GMC Sierra248,924253,016-1.6%
Toyota Tundra81,959109,203-24.9%
Nissan Titan27,40626,4393.7%
Rivian R1T895**0New
Hummer EV10New
TOTAL: 2,174,3512,326,431-6.6%
*COMBINED: Silverado + Sierra sales, **R1Ts delivered to customers