Report: Could the ‘Revolution’ Spawn an Electric Ram TRX Super Truck? Here’s What the Brand’s CEO Has to Say

Of course, we're *far* from any confirmation...but it would be a feather in the EV Ram's cap

2024 ram 1500 ev revolution electric pickup truck teaser
(Images: Ram)

A recent interview with Mike Koval threw up some interesting pieces that could hint at big performance for the electric Ram Revolution.

The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept made waves with its reveal last week, but that’s obviously not the whole scope of Stellantis’ electrification plan. We know the electric Ram Revolution truck is coming, and a recent interview sheds some light on what the range might look like — with some reflection on the range-topping TRX. Muscle Cars and Trucks had an opportunity to chat with Ram CEO Mike Koval, and their team published a few extraordinary gems that aren’t your typical “we don’t comment on future product” responses.

“We have clarity of vision, clarify of focus, clarity of purpose,” Koval says when speaking on the Ram Revolution subject. Naturally, he aims to bring a class-beating truck to market by 2024, with all the ambitions that entails. Better towing, better payload, better range, better charge time — it’s all ostensibly coming with the electric Ram 1500. He also notes that Ram will bring more appealing options by avoiding the teething issues the brand’s competitors have faced.

But it’s the next few points that made us perk up a bit. You can bring the best Ram Revolution electric truck to market for the everyday buyer and that’s great. How will Ram follow up on its TRX halo truck, though?

2022 ram trx sandblast

The Ram TRX is “an engineering marvel”

Of the current Ram 1500 TRX, Koval says, “I think the beautiful thing about that truck and what it’s been able to do for the brand is that it’s given me inspiration for the future, and what I think the electrified future could potentially be like. Electrification does not have to be a limiter. I’m very excited for what we have planned for the future.” (Emphasis added.)

Now, is that a clear-cut signal that yes, Ram will build an electric (or electrified) Ram TRX model? No, of course not — we can’t expect the CEO of any brand to be that forthright. “Of course we don’t have anything to announce today, but boy does it make you wonder,” Koval told MC&T. “I think what’s going to differentiate Ram from our competitors is that we’re going to offer a fuller suite of electrified solutions. One size doesn’t fit all in electrification.”

Again, a bit vague, but Koval is leaving the door open there. He does more directly address towing, hauling and range anxiety as key metrics concerning their customers, and important priorities for the Ram Revolution pickup truck. “We will push past what our competitors have announced and what customers expect,” he says.

Dodge could be a key to how a performance Ram EV could work

Much like the Hellcat models inspired the Ram TRX, we could see a similar scenario play out here. Dodge, for its part, mentioned multiple power levels for the production version of its Charger Daytona SRT Concept. That includes performance above and beyond the Hellcats we know.

Just going off historical precedent, we could see 800 horsepower or more from the electric Charger. Nothing has been confirmed on that front yet, but it’s a reasonable assumption given the current Hellcat’s 717-797 horsepower output. The current Ram TRX’s 702 horsepower is monstrous, though it would totally fit the company’s style to go even more berserk to push the envelope with electrification (and offset an electric truck’s extra weight).

Time will tell, but I can’t help but agree with Mike Koval’s point in that MC&T interview: It does make you think, doesn’t it?

Big thanks and a hat tip to Muscle Cars & Trucks for the information in this interview — full credit to them and writer Manoli Katakis for the quotes.