Owner Trucks: I Bought My Sierra HD, Ram TRX, and Ford F-250 Pickups After Watching TFLtruck

What's the story behind your pickup truck?

ram trx gmc sierra hd ford f-250 truck review spec

A while ago TFLtruck celebrated 1 Million subscribers on Youtube, and we did a giveaway to mark the occasion. You sent us your pickup truck images and stories, and here are just three of them. We hope to expand on this, so feel free to send us more images, stories, and reviews of your pickup trucks. We will continue to pick

gmc sierra hd at4 duramax diesel

Guy K. writes: “After watching many Ike gauntlets as well as enjoying the TFLoffroad videos I decided to buy a 2022 GMC 2500 HD AT4 from Dave Smith auto, Dean Clark was the salesman, in Idaho. Has been an amazing truck and has been a pleasure to tow with, even though Oklahoma doesn’t have the grades that Colorado does. Thank you for all you guys do and keep up the amazing work!

2022 ford f-250 diesel 5th wheel camper

Cody W. writes: “I’ve been following you guys since about early 2013 when I discovered you in my Junior year of high school! Just last year I ordered and bought a 2022 F-350 Super Duty with the 6.7 Powerstroke after watching all your reviews on the “Big 3” HD pickup trucks. I use this truck to tow our 16k pound 5th wheel and for work stuff around the farm. This has been an amazing truck and your reviews helped solidify my decision. Just this week I was also in the market for a midsize pickup for something to use in those smaller and lighter-duty applications. I was really considering a Tacoma TRD Pro, but after watching your reviews, I went with another Ford, the Ranger Tremor to be exact. Your reviews and unbiased opinions have truly helped me buy two different trucks, for two very different uses! Thanks again for all the amazing content, hard work, and dedication you have to your jobs!

ram trx silver light bar

Josh writes: “I have a 2021 TRX, and a lot of your videos pushed me in that direction. The video where you have a Raptor and a TRX towing side by side on the Ike Gauntlet was a part of my decision. I don’t tow anything heavy, but it was reassuring to see if the TRX handled like that on the Ike, then our family 21-ft pontoon boat wouldn’t be an issue. Thank you again for all your content!

Here is our video that explains some of the TFLtruck’s history.