Owner Review: I Drove My Ram TRX Over 21,000 Miles – You Won’t Believe My Average MPG and 0-60 MPH Times!

It's under 4 seconds!

shane 2021 ram trx long-term review mpg speed

Our friend – Shane – sent us his long-term review of his 2021 Ram TRX. He has over 21,000 miles on his truck, and he just got back from a 2,200-mile road trip. Shane writes:

As always, I was watching some of the TFL videos and saw that you guys are selling the TRX. I’m sure that you’ve had a great time with it (as we’ve all seen) and will be very sad to see it go.

Lesley and I just got back from a nine-day trip to Illinois to see our family. I thought you (Roman) and Andre would be interested to know what I got out of my TRX. I drove it mostly in “Snow Mode” on the interstate to get a little better mileage (driving a consistent 75 mph with the cruise control on). It was in either Auto (some of the time) or Sport (most of the time) around town. The trip was 1,822 miles round trip, with another 448 miles of driving around to visit friends and family while we were there. As you can see in the attached picture, including driving it pretty (read: very) hard in town to show it off, and doing at least 10 hard launches, I got 14.1 MPG. I could have easily gotten 15-16 total mpg if I’d babied it.

On the subject of launching it. At a low altitude of around 500 ft above sea level, I knew the truck felt faster. I did four test launches (two in Baja and two in Sport) with me manually holding the brake and then flooring it (no Launch Control) and every time I got….. 3.9 seconds! It was 80 degrees and 60% humidity. On a 55-degree morning there, I’m sure I could have gotten 3.5 seconds. Those launches we on an old blacktop country back road, so you can imagine it on a good surface.

Just thought that you guys would be interested to hear what it’s capable of at lower altitudes. I have just over 21,000 miles on the truck now and am planning on keeping it at least through the end of the year. The only things that I’ve had to do are oil changes and grease the driveshaft slip yoke twice. I’ll let you guys know if I have any issues, but so far, so good with my truck. Take care, and keep the excellent videos coming… Except for the electric car/truck crap. You can keep that as far as I’m concerned!! Haha… Just kidding of course. Those are great videos too. I’ll just never give up the loud gas monsters for the electric stuff.

Here is a look at Shane’s TRX in action versus our 2021 Ram TRX that we just traded in on an F-150 Lightning.