Video: Hennessey Says Their 1,000 HP Mammoth Is the Ultimate Ram TRX – I Put That Claim to the Test!

Image: TFLtruck

The 1,000 horsepower Hennessey Mammoth TRX 1000 comes with a beefier off-road suspension, armor and heavier rolling gear… is 1,000 hp enough?

When you look at a side-by-side, visual comparison of the stock Ram TRX vs the TRX Mammoth, it’s obvious where the money went. Despite having two trucks painted the exact same way, there’s no mistaking which is which. Many of us at TFL Studios feel that the regular Ram TRX is one of the most charismatic trucks out there. It just looks right.

Still, if you are willing to pony up the additional buck-a-roos you’ll need for the Hennessey conversion, you WILL be noticed.

The Mammoth Ram 1500 TRX comes in two flavors: the 900 and 1,000. Obviously, the “900” package gives you 900 horsepower. On top of that, you get 873 lbs-feet of torque. The Stage 1 Hennessey Mammoth TRX 1000 package featured in this video gives you 1,000 horsepower and 969 lbs-feet of torque. As part of those packages, you get 35-inch tires, along with Hennessey front and rear bumpers. Andre drove one in the past, and you can read about it (here).

The Hennessey Mammoth isn’t built just for speed – but it is quick.

All of our testing was done at a mile above sea level, with temperatures hanging in the mid 90-degree Fahrenheit-zone. None of which is conducive for fast 1/4-mile times. Yet both trucks preformed well. Andre was determined to get the best launch possible to move the Mammoth; and it took several tries. What we noticed that (to me) was more impressive than the power and look of the Mammoth, was the way it shrugged off the excessive heat. Sure, heat slows runs – but the Mammoth didn’t care that much.

Sure, it IS faster than the stock TRX – no doubt. The question is: how much faster is it? Well, you might be surprised.

Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean!

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