Video: Here’s What It’s Like to Drive a 1,000 Horsepower Ram TRX Mammoth 1000

2021 ram trx mammoth 1000 horsepower hennessey
Image: Hennessey Performance

Hennessey Performance is no stranger to high-powered cars, SUVs, and trucks. Now, John Hennessey take the latest Ram TRX Mammoth 1000 for a drive at his test facility. Yes, this modified truck’s supercharged V8 engine is now rated at 1,000 horsepower. John says that this truck put down approximately 770 horsepower to rear wheels after the power upgrade.

Of course, the stock 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine in this truck is rated at 702 horsepower and can put down around 580 hp to rear wheels, according to Hennessey. You might be wondering how can you measure this power at the rear wheels when the TRX has a full-time AWD/4WD system? Hennessey used a software / fuse-removal method to allow the truck to be measured on a RWD dynamometer.

Why build a 1,000 horsepower truck? John says – “Because You Can!” In this first drive, John gives the truck the beans from a stand still and the truck does a quick 0-122 MPH acceleration. John did not specify what the top speed limiter is, but the factory TRX is limited to 118 MPH due to off-road tire limitations.

It’s cool to see and hear this truck accelerate, but John reminds us that the driver needs to be prepared for getting this truck stopped. The factory brakes are very good, but the near 7,000 lbs curb weight of this truck and its power needs a brain recalibration to judge stopping distances.