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joinYAA to avoid the dealership ripoff
Zach & Ray Shefska started to help car and truck buyers avoid dealership ripoffs and get a fair price for cars and trucks. [image:]

Dealership ripoffs are common practice these days with so-called “market adjustments” and a host of unneeded–and some illegal–charges, options, and fees adding thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to the price of a new or used truck or SUV. In the face of these financial shenanigans, you can now get help from the good folks at The father-son team of Ray and Zach Shefska started the service in 2020 to combat the rigged game of buying a car from a dealership. Father Ray brings his multi-decade career in car sales to the table, while son Zach is the tech brains behind the business.

Dealership Ripoff #1 – Bait-n-Switch Pricing

Start an online search for a vehicle and you may find some great deals. But show up at the dealership and suddenly your great deal blows your budget. Hence joinYAA’s estimated “Out-the-Door” pricing on its nationwide vehicle listings. Their out-the-door pricing tells shoppers how much they can expect to pay in dealer fees, license & registration, and the applicable sales tax on the vehicle listed. It’s a simple but effective tool to allow car buyers to shop within their budget. And it’s a term that cuts to the chase during negotiations.

Dealership Ripoff #2 – Controlling the Negotiation

Where joinYAA earns its money–and its value–is when you’re ready to contact a dealership about a vehicle. For a $20 membership fee, joinYAA will connect you with a coach who will walk you through exactly what to say to the dealership sales person, let you know if a dealer’s offer is a good one or overpriced, and give you the vocabulary and knowledge to go into a negotiation on your terms, not the dealer’s. Thanks to your coach, you’ll be able to call b.s. on any tactic the sales person uses to try to extract more money from you.

Dealership Ripoff #3 – Undervaluing Your Trade-In

Got a trade-in? JoinYAA will provide you with an honest trade-in value on your vehicle, one that is based on the current market, not what the dealership says it’s worth. Membership also gives you access to member dealership reports from around the country. This way you can weed out the worst-rated dealerships in your area and only work with most reputable, saving you a ton of time.

Dealership Ripoff #4 – Stealing Your Order

To get the exact truck or SUV you want these days, more and more buyers are having to order their vehicles through the dealers. JoinYAA has you covered there as well, with guidelines and advice to help you stop the dealers from adding unnecessary fees to your purchase at the last minute—like when that sweet new truck you’ve been waiting months for is parked right outside—or worse stealing your order from you once the vehicles arrives at the lot and selling it to someone else for a higher price.

We used joinYAA to begin our search for the three SUV’s featured in our No Payment Needed: Go Big! series earlier this year. And thanks to them, we didn’t blow our budgets and knew exactly how much we were going to need to spend to get a hold of our three giant SUVs.

Do yourself a favor, start your search for your next car, truck, or SUV at You’ll be glad you did.