Video: I Bought The Cheapest, Biggest, and Best Used 4×4 SUV Ever Made (No, Seriously)

The price is the most amazing part.

1999 gmc chevy suburban best used 4x4 suv

A while ago we published an owner review of a 7.3L V8 diesel-powered Ford Excursion that may be the best and most-wanted used 4×4 SUV of all time. Now, Tommy says that he found and bought something better. Behold! It’s a 1999 GMC Suburban 4×4. That’s correct, it’s a GMC Suburban (not a Chevy Suburban) – although the two are about the same.

In this video, Tommy introduces us to our newest long-term fleet vehicle. Perhaps, the most amazing thing about this Suburban is its price. Tommy found this running and driving huge SUV and bought it for $4,000. This is an amazing price in early 2022 – the era of very high used & new vehicle prices. Well, it’s not a pristine example of a GMT400 Suburban.

This is a bit rough and has over 208,000 miles on the clock. While the 4×4 system is working, the AC does not. No matter what – this GMC truck will make a fine contestant in our upcoming “No Payment Needed – Go Big” video series. Join the video below for all of the older Suburban fun!

We are searching to buy three big used 4×4 SUVs for the upcoming video series. This GMC Suburban is our second vehicle. Here is our first. We will unveil our third and final SUV very soon. Please stay tuned to the TFLclassics Youtube channel and this website.