201 New Ford F-150 Lightning Trucks Find Their Owners in the First Month, F-Series Is Up, Midsize Trucks Are Way Down!

99 GMC Hummer EV trucks sold in the 1st three months of 2022.

2022 ford f-150 lightning sales report may toyota tacoma tundra

In its first month on sale, Ford moved 201 new Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup trucks in the United States. This sounds like a very small number, but the production is still ramping up. It will be interesting to see how Lightning sales do over the coming months. For comparison, just 99 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 trucks found their owners in Q1 of 2022.

Here is everything else we know about the pickup truck sales in the U.S. for the month of May 2022. Keep in mind that GM, Stellantis, Nissan, and many other manufacturers do not report monthly sales. They report it on a quarterly basis. We will learn much more about how the industry is doing next month.

Full-size Truck U.S. Sales: May 2022

ModelMay 2022May 2021Change (%)
GM Trucks (COMBINED)n/a
Ford F-Series49,45446,260+6.9%
Ram Trucksn/a
Chevy Silveradon/a
GMC Sierran/a
Toyota Tundra6,7719,595-29.4%
Nissan Titann/a

At this time, just the Toyota Tacoma and the Honda Ridgeline information is available. Both of these pickups are seeing significant declines in sales.

Mid-size Truck U.S. Sales: May 2022

ModelMay 2022May 2021Change (%)
Toyota Tacoma16,28523,488-30.7%
Ford Ranger5,98314,303-58.2%
Jeep Gladiatorn/a
Chevy Coloradon/a
Nissan Frontiern/a
Honda Ridgeline4,0084,387-8.6%
GMC Canyonn/a

The compact pickup truck segment is doing well, but we don’t have a great benchmark to compare against. The Hyundai Santa Cruz continues to grow and gain new customers. The new Ford Maverick is still on a roll. Ford sold almost as many Mavericks last month as Toyota sold Tundra trucks.

Compact Pickup U.S. Sales – May 2022

ModelMay 2022May 2021YTD 2022
Ford Maverick6,089n/a34,871
Hyundai Santa Cruz3,151n/a14,701

Here is our latest Ford F-150 Lightning review and more coming very soon!