Video: Surprise, It Snowed a Ton – Suburban vs Excursion vs Escalade: Which One Gets Stuck First?

We off-road them as-is!

chevy suburban ford excursion cadillac escalade

It’s time to put our “Go Big!” SUVs to a proper first shakedown. It’s a spring snowstorm, and we take our GMC Suburban, Ford Excursion, and Cadillac Escalade on a mountain trail run. We are running them as-is for this episode, old tires and all. Which one gets stuck first? Let’s find out!

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The Suburban and the Excursion have low-range geared transfer cases and automatically locking rear differentials (maybe). The 2003 Escalade does not have a low-range transfer case, but it does have a sophisticated AWD system and “road sensing suspension”. How bad can it be?

Well, I struggled to get up to the trailhead staging area in the snow in the Cadillac. It was not a good sign. Although, the Escalade quickly acclimated and started to climb the snowy and icy trails.

Join the video below for all of the off-road fun, and stay tuned until next week when we show you how these three big old SUVs tow a heavy camping trailer. We will be doing towing 0-60 MPH accelerations, as we cross our fingers for these old transmissions and engines not to blow up.