Video: How Fast Can I Charge a New GMC HUMMER EV In Just 18 Minutes? The Answer Is Surprising!

Here's what it's like in the real world.

2022 gmc hummer ev pickup truck charging electrify america time curve charge

How quickly can a new GMC Hummer EV pickup truck charge in the real world? I find out in this video. GMC Hummer says that the new EV truck is capable of DC fast-charging speeds of up to 350 kW with the help of Hummer’s switchable 400-volt/800-volt battery system. The Hummer drives using a 400-volt configuration, but it is capable of charging using an 800-volt setup. This is achieved by linking two of its battery layers in parallel or in series. GMC Hummer says that the EV truck can gain up to 100 miles of range in approximately 12 minutes.

Here is what happened when I took it to an Electrify America (EA) fast-charger north of Phoenix, Arizona.

This is an impromptu charging test because I did not have much time during this first opportunity with the new Hummer. I pulled up to the charger with a 53% state-of-charge. Before getting to the charger, the truck’s navigation system was set to go to the EA station and the batteries were in an automatic ‘pre-conditioning” state.

I saw charging speeds of just over 200 kW, 179 kW, and then 100 kW over the total 18 minutes at the charger. After 12 minutes of charging, I gained about 78 miles of range (according to the truck). The truck and charger said that I gained about 22% of battery after 18 minutes. In the end, the EA station reported that it delivered 45.96 kWh of energy, which cost me $14.25.

At this time, most EA stations are limited to 350 amp charging output. The kW charging speed is the current multiplied by voltage. In theory, the maximum charging speed at an EA station is 350 amp * 800 volts = 280kW. This is already one of the quickest charging speeds of any EV on the market now. If the charger/grid amperage is raised, then the Hummer’s 350 kW should be doable.

Yes, we know that electric vehicles charge slower at the higher state of charge (rather than when the battery is near 0% with lower voltage). We plan to do a proper 10-80% charge test soon.