Video: It Has What?! Look Inside a new Black Series HQ19 Overland Off-Road Camping Trailer

We take it to Moab, Utah.

2022 toyota tundra black series hq19 moab utah

The new 2022 Black Series HQ19 overland off-road camping trailer may just be the most luxurious way to get muddy. In this video, I walk you inside and around the latest version of the HQ19. I also show you the California manufacturing facility where these campers are finished.

As the HQ19 name suggests that the floor of the camper is 19-feet long, although the total trailer length is 25 feet from the tongue to the double spare tires in the back. The HQ19 is an Australian design and it rides on massively overbuilt galvanized steel frame, independent suspension, and LT (Light Truck) tires. It also has considerable ground clearance and shielding on the water tanks below the floor to protect against off-pavement obstacles.

On the inside of the HQ19 is a queen bed up front, a large kitchen, a dinette that quickly converts to a smaller bed that can accommodate a tall adult (as I demonstrate in the video). In the back is a very large bathroom/shower. A tall adult can use the shower in comfort. There is a porcelain sink and RV toilet. In the corner and under the bathroom counter, there is a washing machine – so you can get your clothes washed. It is not a clothes dryer.

The heater walks very effectively, and there is a ceiling-mounted air conditioner that can be used while plugged into a shore power / 30-amp circuit. On the outside, there are storage compartments and a pull-out outdoor kitchen with a sink, a stove, and counter space.

Learn more about the Black Series HQ19 here.

The HQ19 we have here weighs just about 7,000 lbs according to a CAT scale we used at a truck stop. This is a dry weight because the trailer was winterized and had no water on board when we weighed it. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the trailer is 10,000 lbs, so it has a massive 3,000 lbs of payload capacity. Even if you add a full 80 gallons of water (16 gallons filtered and 64 gallons of unfiltered water) and many of your own items – it will be very difficult to come close to this trailer’s total capacity.

Since it is a relatively heavy trailer, a capable pickup truck is required to tow it. We are using a new 2022 Toyota Tundra crew cab 4×4 TRD Off-Road truck with an 11,000 lbs towing and 1,400 lbs payload capacity. While the Tundra’s suspension squats a bit under the 650 lbs of trailer tongue weight – the new Tundra is plenty stable and strong to tow this trailer. If you are bringing more people and things – you may need more payload capacity. In this case, you should probably step up to a heavy-duty pickup truck such as a Ram 2500, GM 2500, or a Ford F-250.

This Black Series HQ19 has an MSRP of $94,699. Join the video below for all the fun.