Ford Maverick Outsold the Ford Ranger & Toyota Tundra in January 2022 (Sales Report)

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2022 ford maverick hot seller january sales report

The new Ford Maverick is a hot seller. Ford sold more Maverick compact pickup trucks than midsize Ranger trucks in January 2022. Not all manufacturers publish their U.S. sales numbers on a monthly basis, but we can still learn some very interesting information from the ones who do.

Let’s take a look at the full-size pickup trucks first. Ford and Toyota are the only ones reporting sales on a monthly basis. The Ford data comes directly from Ford. The Toyota data comes via GoodCarBadCar. The Ford F-series and the Toyota Tundra sales are down in January when compared to the year prior. It’s difficult to nail down all of the reasons, but the all-new 2022 Tundra sales are still ramping up for the all-new generation.

Full-size Truck U.S. Sales: January 2022

ModelJan 2022Jan 2021Change (%)
GM Trucks (COMBINED)n/a
Ford F-Series50,54355,276-8.6%
Ram Trucksn/a
Chevy Silveradon/a
GMC Sierran/a
Toyota Tundra4,9526,334-21.8%
Nissan Titann/a

The Toyota Tacoma and the Ford Ranger see significantly lower sales in January. Tacoma is still far ahead and leading the U.S. midsize truck segment in sales. The Honda Ridgeline continues to see improved sales. If this trajectory continues, it may challenge Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado, and Jeep Gladiator.

Mid-size Truck U.S. Sales: January 2022

ModelJan 2022Jan 2021Change (%)
Toyota Tacoma15,28518,878-19.0%
Ford Ranger5,2376,102-14.2%
Jeep Gladiatorn/a
Chevy Coloradon/a
Nissan Frontiern/a
Honda Ridgeline3,3582,61628.4%
GMC Canyonn/a

As you can tell, the Ford Maverick is having a great sales time. It is indeed currently outselling the Hyundai Santa Cruz, Honda Ridgeline, Ford Ranger, and the Toyota Tundra.

Compact Pickup U.S. Sales – January 2022

ModelJan 2022Jan 2021YTD 2022
Ford Maverick6,513n/a6,513
Hyundai Santa Cruz2,820n/a2,820