Surprise! The New Ford F-150 Lightning Is More Expensive Than You Think: Video

The "surprise" part mainly comes down to the options on certain trims

Ford F-150 Lightning
Ford will start converting F-150 Lightning reservations to orders this week — and the configurator page is live right now. (Images: Ford)

Four F-150 Lightning models are available to configure, from Pro to Platinum.

This Thursday, January 6th, Ford will begin converting current reservations for their upcoming electric F-150 in waves, as the Blue Oval also opens its configurator page for folks to explore. Andre did just that, in fact, and he covers the various options you can pick out in the video below.

Short take? Things can get a little pricier than you may have expected if you’re eyeing either the mid-range XLT or the Lariat trims.

Now, on its face the pricing largely matches what Ford announced last summer. The MSRP for the base Lightning Pro kicks off at $39,974 ($41,669 with the $1,695 destination fee). At the other end, the Platinum tops out the range with virtually every option at $90,874 ($92,569 with destination). However, the MSRP can fluctuate significantly around selecting a battery pack and equipment package for the XLT and Lariat trims.

2022 ford f-150 lightning battery size range

A closer look at the XLT

Most retail buyers will likely navigate toward the XLT, which starts at $52,974 ($54,669 with destination). That’s for a truck with the Standard-Range battery, which offers up to 230 miles on a charge, per current estimates. As standard equipment, the XLT includes a 360-degree camera, leather-wrapped steering wheel and 8-way adjusting cloth driver seat, as well as the F-150 Lightning’s signature front light bar and black running boards. Standalone options include the Max Trailer Tow Package ($895) and the Tow Technology Package adding Pro Trailer Backup Assist ($1,395).

The Extended-Range battery, which raises the estimated range to 300 miles for the XLT, comes with a $10,000 premium on both XLT and Lariat. However, the XLT also makes you bundle that battery choice with Equipment Group 312A. That adds in 20-inch wheels, a 9.6-kW Pro Power Onboard inverter, a heated steering wheel, heated front seats and a power tailgate among other features, but adds yet another $9,500 to the overall price. So, an XLT with the larger battery comes in $19,500 more expensive, setting you back at least $74,169 (with destination).

The top-end trims

As for the Lariat, you’ll see two $10,000 choices for the battery and equipment packs. This time around, though, the Extended-Range battery option includes Equipment Group 511A, so it’s not as substantial as the XLT. In addition to the Lariat’s standard features and the larger battery, 511A adds Ford’s full driver-assistance suite with BlueCruise semi-autonomous capability, a twin panel moonroof, the Tow Technology Package (it’s still $1,395 as a standalone option should you forgo the package), second-row heated seats and a power tilt/telescoping steering column. Ford also includes their 80-amp home charger in the package.

The ER Lariat tops out at $79,169 before accessories or the $865 Max Tow Package, should you want it.

If you’re feeling flush and opt for the top-end Platinum, your only options will be the standalone accessories — all other package equipment in the other trims — including the Max Tow and Tow Technology packages — is included here.

Check out the configurator’s finer details in the build video below!