Semi Truck Drags a Honda Accord on the Highway – The Driver Waves For Help

semi truck honda accord accident
image: Grzesiek Misiek – Youtube

Semi truck’s weight and might cannot be ignored as witnessed in this freak accident on I-294 highway near Chicago, IL. Nobody was hurt in this incident. The driver of this Honda Accord found herself lodged underneath a semi trailer. The details that caused that accident are still under investigation. The truck proceeded to drag the car some distance before stopping.

While the car’s a-pillar and part of the roof appear to be smashed, the driver of the Honda was actively seeking help. Reports suggest that the driver called 911 several times while being dragged by the semi-truck. The driver was also reaching out the window and waving to other drivers for help.

It’s unclear how long the driver of the semi-truck remained unaware of the situation or if the car was intentionally dragged. We are just glad that nobody got hurt.