Video: Big Camper vs. Giant RV: Which Of These Lifted Ram HD 4x4s Is The Home On Wheels Of Your Dreams?

2022 ram 3500 hd cummins 5500 motorhome four wheel campers

If you want a comfortable truck camper or a motorhome AND you wish to go off the beaten path – here are two large Ram HD trucks that can get the job done. However, these two do it in a very different way. The first truck is a new Ram HD 3500 Cummins turbo-diesel flatbed 4×4 with a Four Wheel Camper Hawk. The second is a Dynamax Isata 5, a Ram HD 5500 Cummins diesel 4×4 chassis that is converted into a 32-foot long motorhome.

Here is where you can learn much more about the Four Wheel Camper Hawk.

The Ram HD 3500 camper is based on a crew cab pickup truck that has an 8-foot bed. This truck has a 4×4 system with a low range. Its off-road capability is increased with a 4-inch suspension lift and 37-inch all-terrain tires. It has a Norweld aluminum flatbed in the back. The flatbed Four Wheel Camper Hawk is constructed from a rigid and strong aluminum inner structure. It has an extendable pop-up top and room to sleep up to four people. It also has a fridge, sink, stove, heater, lithium house batteries, solar panels, and two showers. Yes, it has indoor and outdoor shower connections.

Big thanks to my friend John for participating in this video comparison and sharing his family’s motorhome with us.

The Isata 5 is a full-size Class C motorhome. It’s built on a heavier Ram HD 5500 chassis. It has nowhere near the same ground clearance that the Four Wheel Camper truck has. However, the Isata 5 has more interior space and a larger payload and towing capacity with this setup.

Join our video comparison below.