Supercharged V8 Chevy ‘Beast’ Leads a Lineup Of Modified Chevy Trucks and SUVs to SEMA

It's a custom Baja runner on 37s!

2022 chevy silverado 1500 beast sema concept v8 supercharged

What would your ultimate off-road Chevy truck look like? How about this Beast concept truck that Chevrolet prepared for SEMA 2021. This full-size Silverado-based Baja runner leads a lineup of several Chevy trucks and SUVs at the show.

The Chevy “Beast” starts out with a Silverado frame. The frame is shortened and the wheelbase is set at 126.87 inches. This wheelbase is approximately the same as that of a Chevy Colorado midsize pickup truck. On the flip side, the track width is a mammoth 91 inches to allow for lots of suspension travel. The Beast is much wider than any production off-road truck currently available. For comparison, the Ram TRX track width is 74.5 inches.

The Chevy “Beast” truck design reminds us of the Chevy ISV military truck that GM Defense is building for the U.S. government.

The Beast’s ground clearance is listed at 13.5 inches. This is close to the 13.1 inches of ground clearance that is available with the current 2021 Ford Raptor 37 (37-inch tire package). The Chevy Beast suspension offers 12 inches of travel in the front and an impressive 15 inches of travel in the rear. For comparison, the Raptor 37 has 13-in travel in the front and 14.1-in in the rear.

Under the hood of this stripped-down Baja runner is a Chevy Performance supercharged LT4 6.2L V8 with a rating of 650 horsepower. The engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and a two-speed 4×4 transfer case.

The Beast is rolling on 37-inch all-terrain tires that are wrapped around 20-inch beadlock-capable wheels. This concept truck’s approach, breakover, and departure angle are far beyond any current production pickup (45-deg appr. / 35-deg breakover / 46.5-deg dep.)

Is this concept a precursor to something that Chevy may sell in the future? We will be at the 2021 SEMA show, and we will make sure to ask this question.

The Chevy Beast is joined by the following trucks and SUVs at the show.

  • 2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 with accessories
  • 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country Midnight concept
  • 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Hoonigan concept
  • 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Extreme Off-road
  • 2022 Chevy Colorado Z71 Off-road Performance Edition
  • 2022 Chevy Tahoe Z71 Overlanding concept
  • 2022 Chevy Suburban Street concept

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